Especially Now – Stay Connected With Family During The Coronavirus Crisis

These days we are all especially worried about our older family members and loved ones spending all their time at home, away from their children, grandchildren and friends. 

Lifestyle habits have changed around the globe along with our ability to spend physical quality time with one another.

Uniper is grateful to be able to offer you a simple inter-family communication service – both through the Uniper TV kit, and through the Uniper Web service, available across devices – computers, smartphones and tablets.

As we grow older our immune system changes, which can make it difficult for our bodies to cope with infection. For this reason, it is important that we keep our parents and grandparents secure at home. We encourage you to take good care of yourself and your loved ones and use Uniper and other digital platforms to stay in touch. We are happy to assist and answer any questions about Uniper’s service and the options we offer.

In order for you to stay connected, Uniper’s service gives you the ability to make video calls from any phone with WhatsApp straight to a member’s TV screen (available in the Uniper TV set) as well as send pictures and videos to stay close. We invite all our service members to join our rich content routine that addresses the strong community need. Our team of experts and therapists as well as our recorded library of content are waiting for you at the push of a button.

Together we can ensure the safety, dignity and health of our entire society, regardless of age.