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Tech-Enabled Health and Wellness Solution for Older Adults

Attract and Retain Members while Enhancing Care Delivery

With Uniper Care, your health plan or senior care organization can empower members to be more socially and physically active. Uniper enables organizations to lower healthcare costs and enhance care delivery for older adults at-risk of loneliness and social isolation.

Connecting and Engaging with the At-Risk Population

Uniper is an affordable and sustainable tech-enabled health and wellness service providing easy access to daily interactive live and recorded activities, as well as telehealth. Older adults can remain independent, socially connected, and physically active as they age in the place they call home. 

The First Remote Senior Living Community

Uniper’s mission is to enable every older adult to age in whatever place he or she calls home – happy, healthy, independent. 

Uniper offers a whole person approach to health with a scalable model to improve Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). Using Uniper is proven to reduce loneliness, social isolation, depression, and anxiety, while promoting preventive care and a healthier lifestyle for older adults.

Combating Social Isolation Together: Daily Interactive Activities – LIVE

Uniper provides older adults with daily access to live interactive activities. These activities include senior fitness, positive thinking, mindfulness, stress management, and anxiety reduction. Our whole person approach targets the social, physical, cognitive, and spiritual aspects of healthy living.  Our live and interactive health and wellness programs have been proven to help older adults adopt a healthier lifestyle in their daily routines. These programs are tailored to each member’s individual needs.

Connecting to Family, Friends and Community 

Uniper offers a variety of features and services to combat the loneliness blues. Uniper members are encouraged to meet and connect with each other. Some activities, such as peer-led groups, are led by and for the community. Some members can actively lead and share, while others can simply sit back and learn. These interactive sessions are in real-time.

Uniper also features video calling with family and friends. A member can send or receive a video call to or from a friend, for example, regardless of whether this friend is using Uniper. 







Evidence-Based and Personalized Content

Uniper’s certified instructors and community coaches lead live sessions where each member can participate and develop a healthier lifestyle from home. In between sessions, members are encouraged to exercise using our video-on-demand recorded content and interact with other members in the community. 

Uniper’s evidence-based programs serve as interventions to improve overall well-being, reduce loneliness and depression, promote healthy eating, and improve strength to reduce the risk of falls. 

The programming is tailored to each member’s individual needs. Upon joining Uniper, each member is guided through a screening process to establish their initial social, mental, and physical risk profile, which is re-assessed at regular intervals.

Increase Satisfaction and Add Value with the HIPAA Compliant Telehealth

Health plans and healthcare organizations benefit from Uniper’s easy-to-use HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. The platform delivers timely care to remote members – dramatically reducing the need for members to seek medical attention at a health clinic or hospital. 

Uniper’s Home-Based Digital Patient Engagement Solution Features:

  1. Remote one-on-one and group

  2. Easy access to health
    questionnaires and remote screenings, intakes, and assessments

  3. Engaging content in multiple
    languages encouraging a healthy lifestyle

  4. Remote monitoring and member

  5. Engagement, usability, and risk reports

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